Availability of knowledge

A factor, that influence our career is our education. It is obvious that good knowledge is a good basis for a successful career. However, your desire to study is not the only thing you need. A very important question is availability of education. The problem is that there are countries where young people cannot get necessary education, as a result they cannot have a great career and their countries may experience economic problems.

Availability problem

The problem is very serious. Many international organization implement new programs in order to help young people get high quality education, since it helps to make economic of their countries stable.

Number of teachers

One of the reason why some people cannot get the right education is absence of professionals. Sometimes, there are not enough teachers. It is necessary to pay attention to the teacher/students ratio.The ration is used quite often when people study the question. For example, in Mexico the ratio is 1:25 (which means 1 person teaches 25 students), in the United states the ratio is 1:15, while in Sweden the rate is 1:6.

It is necessary to consider the economic factor. Professors’ salaries vary from country to country, that is why they move to other countries, and, as a result, they make education more available in one country. It may lead to another problem. Sometimes, a young person cannot get education in their country because there are not teachers who can teach them.


It is not a secret that good education is quite expensive and some people cannot afford it. That is the case when they need to look for universities with cheaper education or move to other countries.Moreover, there are cases when young persons have to spend some time in order to earn enough money to pay for education.

Availability of education is a modern challenge. Many international organizations try to make it available for everyone, since it influences the general economic situation in the world. However, it does not mean that organizations only try to change something. Quite often, governments and even universities start different programs to help young people from other countries. This complex problem requires many resources to be solved. Good education is very important especially today, when competition is very high among young people.