Everyone will agree on the fact that education influences your career. It is a well-known fact, however, the question is “Is it the only one factor that influences your career?”, if it is not, then “What are other factors?”

There are different approaches to determine what the best career for you is. However, you may remember that adults asked you many times “What will you do when you become an adult?” We all had dreams to become firefighters, police officers, economists, etc. Of course, our desires changed. In any case, we have to choose a university. We always choose in accordance with our possibilities, sometimes, education is quite expensive and we search for something cheaper.

The reason why we study at a university is to get knowledge to be able to start our career. It helps us perform the main tasks. However, when you work, you learn something new and you continue developing your skills and knowledge. In future, your knowledge may be sufficient to perform more tasks and you get a promotion. Therefore, you advance as a professional.

Is education the only factor that influences your career?

It may seem that in order to succeed you need to have good knowledge, but that is not always the case. It would be wrong to state that your career depends entirely on your knowledge. Personal characteristicsare important as well. That is why, recruiters pay attention to soft and hard skills.

  • Hard skills are your professional knowledge.
  • Soft skills are your personal characteristics, like ambitiousness and availability to work in a team.

These two characteristics are equally important. Quite often, you will have to work with other people. A complex project requires many people to work on it, so you need to be able to cooperate with your colleagues. That is why some employers may choose a person with middle-level skills and availability to work in a team, rather than a professional, who cannot cooperate.

A successful career

Everyone wants to build a successful career, since it determines how you will live. In order to have good salary, you need a good position, which is impossible to get without profound knowledge. However, good education is only one part and it may not be enough to become a professional.

It is all about the way you work and how you see it. It is always necessary to work hard in order to learn something new and become better as a professional. Education will give you a good start and your task is to continue your own growing as a professional.