Cost of attendance

Education may be quite expensive, so you need to be ready to pay an impressive sum. Of course, you can find a university with low prices. In any case, we understand that the price is not just a number. It is able to show a level of a university. High quality education may cost you a pretty penny.

Average prices in US

Many programs and types of colleges exist, which can help you get good knowledge. A college is able to provide you with profound knowledge, which is enough to start your career and develop further. The major part of the well-known universities is private non-profit ones. Education fee may reach $60,000. However, there is an option for people, who are not able to spend that amount of money on education. There are public colleges.

The total fee at a public two-year college may reach up to $12,000. If you want to study in a public four-year college, then you should be ready to spend about $35,000 on your education. At the same time, the total fee at a private non-profit four-year college may reach $45,000.

As you can see, the difference is quite impressing. The numbers are average, and there are options where you can spend less. It is necessary to mention that education is quite available in the United States.

A top-tier University

What about a world-known university?If you want to study at Harvard, then you should be ready to spend almost $70,000. However, Harvard has a number of programs, which can aid you and will pay less. According to the website of Harvard, around 70% of students use the financial aid program.

Price and reception

High prices are a proof of high quality of education. The prices help offer students everything they need. Moreover, the universities, which are that expensive, are quite popular and their reputation is extremely important for them. What does influence universities’ reputation? – Quality of education.

An important factor for you to consider is future reception. A recruiter will pay attention to the name of the university you studied at, during an interview.The name of a world-known university will impress them for sure.

Nevertheless, everything depends on you. The fact that you studied at the best university of the world, did not make you a scientist.