Does education make us less creative?

Education is one of the most common subjects for discussions. You can hear these discussions almost everywhere. Quite often, we can hear that education systems are not perfect for kids. As arguments, people state that education is not free in terms of creativity. In other words, education introduces certain limitations and kids cannot express themselves. However, other people state that education system is not perfect but it should not experience any radical changes. There are many questions to discuss, but we will focus on the most common and important ones.

Education makes kids less creative

You might have heard it“Education is something “firm” and standardized something that you cannot change. In other words, any answer that is somehow different from the answer of a teacher is wrong. Education requires exact answers from students”. To sum everything up, people state that education requires dry knowledge only and does not accept any non-standard approach. It may be the case, but still, it is necessary to mention that some sciences require exactly dry knowledge and theory to be able to success.  Theory is something that is basis for future knowledge, therefore, a student has to know and understand theory quite well in order to move further. Creativity is a general notion that may include a non-standard approach to solving a task. If we consider it as true, then another question appears “If a student solves a task using his own approach, should teacher accept an answer, if it is correct?” We need to remember that tasks are a great way to test if a student understands how tasks should be solved.

Absence of personal approach

“Education is a system that sees everyone equally. It does not accept an idea that minds work in different ways. Some students understand certain ideas better than other do” It is quite close to truth. People are different and they think in different ways, that is why we have poets and mathematicians. Some people understand math better than literature or arts. However, education system sees them equally and requests equal level knowledge from them.


“Grades mean nothing” – here is a short statement and it is partially true. Many well-known people did not get great grades. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were one of them. It may be a good practice to see grades as values that demonstrates what you should pay attention to.

Education system is not perfect. That is true, but it is still evolving and it should be able to meet modern challenges. Our world is changing rapidly and our lives do as well. However, the only thing remains the same – good education is theway to success.