Quite often recruiters say that they pay attention to skills, dividedinto two major groups –hard, which can be measures and soft ones that have to any determined scales. Nevertheless, the approach is very popular. We need to know what the terms mean and how your education can help you get a good job.


Those are hard ones. This kind of skills can be measured, since a person can be taught them, like typing, physics, computer science, ability to use different mechanisms or devices. This characteristic depends on your education.

Character traits

Those are soft ones, like an ability to work in a team, flexibility,etc. It is hard to measure this kind of skills. They do not depend on your education.

An employer can give you a test task to see how you perform certain tasks, while your personal characteristics can be determined only after a period.

Levels of skills

Since recruiters pay attention to those skills, a question appears“What kind of skills is more important?”– It depends on position. Hard skills are crucial for a top-level position, when you are required to be good at what you are supposed to do, while soft ones are more important for those, who just start their career. Working, we have to cooperate with other people and that is the case when your character traits are important. Employers state that they have to teach their employees, so soft skills are more important that hard ones. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you will be able to get a job without understanding how to perform required tasks.


Education is able to advance your hard skills. However, studying at a university, you will inevitably deal with other people, so you can help you deal with other people, since you become a part of a society.

You should not think that certainskillsare unnecessary for you. Availability of working in a team, being emotional flexible are very important. Quite often, an employer may choose a person with middle-level hard skills and good soft ones.You should not lose an opportunity to advance skills, since they determine how successful your career will be.