Know the place

The rank is a very important factor. It helps young people to decide which university is the best for them. There are different ways to assess a ranking. It is important to consider not only all aspects of the process of education, but also other factors that somehow influence it. It is a very challenging task, since many details have to be considered.

QS Rankingis quite reliable. It is very popular and it has different sections.

The Stars Rating System from QS is quite precise and reliable. It helps to understand what the key strengths of a university are. Nevertheless, this approach was criticized before, but modern way of assessing the rating is quite precise and unbiased.


When QS Stars Rating System is assessed, a great number of factors are taken into consideration. Here are just a few of them (it is enough to understand how it works):

  • It involves productivity (how many papers a university publish), citations (how often other researches refer to the papers of the university) and awards.
  • It includes surveys, faculty ratios and other information, which is usually get via student feedback.
  • The ratio of graduate employment ratio affects this factor. A great source of information is feedback from employers.
  • This factor includes the number of nationalities represented in the university. An important factor is number of partnerships with universities from other countries. Religious factor is considered as well.
  • Everything that helps students learn affects this factor. The facilities may include library, gym, IT centers,etc.
  • Social responsibility.The factor involves how a university deals with charity and/or disaster relief communities.
  • QS takes into consideration other factors as well. It is a very complex process that requires processing large amount of data.

Choosing of a university

We always want to get the best. The same is true when it comes to our education, we try to get the best education in the best university, but it may cost too much for us. However, the question is “Is it important?” – Giving a clear answer is difficult. You determine how successful you will be in future.