You can always hear from your friends, parents and that profound knowledge is crucial and that you need to pay attention to certain universities, which offer high quality knowledge. How does one “measure” the quality level? What does “good” education mean? The question is easy at the very first glance but there are many details to consider.

Quality factor

It is not a secret that some universities are more popular than other are. For example, you know Yale, Cambridge, Oxford, Sorbonne, etc. They are very popular, since they exist for quite some time. Moreover, many world-known persons studied there.

The level of quality is very high in those universities, since they cooperate with the best professors only. That is an example, when itsname works. If you ask someone to name the best universities, then they will certainly name one of the names mentioned above. People who run them understand what people expect from them and they do everything to assure the highest quality of knowledge.

The quality factor attracts young people. When a young person chooses a university, they pay attention to its rank.

To measure quality of education, we can use the professional level of professors, together with publication and other scientific activity of a university. We may also pay attention to the number of famous people, who studied there, but that can be a mistake. You will not become a well-known person, just because you studied in a university where a world-known economist, politician or scientist did.

Career and the quality level of your education

Your career starts when you come for a job interview. An interviewer will definitely pay attention to the university, where you studied. Of course, a well-known university will impress your potential employer. That is how society sees you from the perspective of education. It may be not correct, but that is how it is.

In any case, education is crucial for your career. It is able to help you build a great career.

We may say that high quality means profound knowledge in a certain sphere. Is it enough for you to build a successful career? – It is a complex question. Our world is changing rapidly and you need always learn something new in order to be able to solve the most complex problems. Your education may also include the availability of solving non-trivial tasks.